Online Security Alert

Security is a growing concern for all of us. We would like to pass along this security warning from our local bank to help all our clients.


Several new malware threats have recently been detected in the US and the American Bankers Association is now
warning mobile and online banking users to be aware of these potential threats.
SVPeng: Android mobile devices can become infected by SVPeng via an Adobe Acrobat Update splash message or a spam text message with an embedded link. Once the malware is loaded on the device it looks for financial institution banking apps. It then locks the device and displays a fake FBI penalty notification demanding $200 in Green Dot MoneyPak cards. Experts are reporting that even those who pay the $200 ransom do not have their mobile devices unlocked, thus rendering the devices useless. SVPeng specifically targets Android mobile devices.
Dyreza: Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers are being exploited by a new version of malware that redirects traffic to malicious servers.
Dyreza is spread via spam messages such as “Your FED TAX payment ID” and “RE: Invoice #”.
These spam messages often contain a “.zip” file. Opening the file infects the device and may allow your credentials and other information to be captured and misused. Dyreza does not target mobile devices; it exploits Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browser vulnerabilities.
  • We suggests that you safeguard against these and other online/mobile threats by:
  • Immediately deleting any messages from unknown sources
  • Never clicking/opening links within messages from unknown sources
  • Installing an antivirus app, and keeping it updated, on all your devices
  • Avoid installing apps from third party websites or unreliable sources
  • Read the “permissions requested” by every app before installing
  • Not viewing or sharing personal information over a public Wi-Fi connection
As always, we’re looking out for your online security and will post any updates to our website as threats are identified.

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